Zerodha Kite: Introduction

Zerodha Kite is a web based trading software offered by Zerodha. The move was taken in order to kite Zerodha upwards. However, the clients still face technical glitches eventually. The HTML 5 based trading platform doesn’t require any download, as it is a website based trading platform that runs on a browser like  Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Additionally, it also has its application through mobile trading app known as Zerodha Kite App. In this Zerodha Kite Review we would like to mention that it is especially designed for balanced traders.

What does Zerodha Kite offer?

You can have the idea of inbuilt features of Zerodha Kite here. You get all order types, Streaming Quotes, Account Summary, keyboard shortcuts, advanced charting, 4 charts at a time on the same screen that is supported by multiple charting features, floating order window etc. Kite Mobile App gives access to all the attributes available in Kite Web.

What essential attributes are missing in Zerodha Kite?

The review is elaborated to cover all the pros and cons of the Zerodha’s destination platform. Although the trading software gained popularity still people need to know it more. Have a look here:

·      Backtesting is not possible.

·      Frequent browser based issues in charting.

·      Zerodha Kite IPO – No, Kite does not offer online IPO application.

·      Unable to work fine  on a low internet bandwidth.

·  Placing the orders directly on charts is not possible as the   supporting feature is not available.

·   Zerodha Kite login lacks single sign on feature.

·  Zerodha Kite Mutual Funds – Kite by Zerodha doesn’t allow to invest in Mutual Funds. However, one can find the option on any other tool in its count.

Is ledger checking possible with Zerodha Kite?

It doesn’t provide ledger detail.

Difference between the Zerodha Kite and Zerodha PI?

Some of the traders get confused between Zerodha Kite and Zerodha PI. So here in this mini section of the review we are trying to clear doubt by considering basic difference. Zerodha Kite is a website based trading application that runs on a browser and does not need any download. In contrary to this, Zerodha PI needs installation. As it is an exe based trading terminal. Zerodha PI generally suits high-frequency traders.

Zerodha Kite 3.0 | Trading Product list:

The Zerodha Kite review highlights its trading product list they are MIS, CNC, NRML, BO, CO, AMO.

Note: AMO order can be placed from between 4.00 pm to 9.14 am.

What does charting in Zerodha Kite holds?

zerodha kite overview

It has the good range of market indicators. However, the other competitive platforms having more number of indicators and essential tools also exist in the market. Easy searching across various market segments or F&O contracts from multiple exchanges is possible. It also displays real time quotes, order alerts with live widgets. Some additional takeaways from the Zerodha Kite review are:

  • You can place orders directly from chart.

  • You can draw as many charts as you need.

  • Chart types including candle, line, bar, mountain etc are available.

  • Different drawing tools are available with Kite by Zerodha.

Difficulties one may face while trading through Zerodha Kite

We are giving the details in accordance with experiences shared socially by the Zerodha’s clients. They are to help trader to be aware of the challenges they might face with Zerodha. This is to avoid sudden resentment at any moment of trading. As this

According to one of the users, the shares bought recently weren’t shown on Zerodha’s dashboards (Kite & Backoffice). He also mentioned that delay was more than two days when he actually shown his anxiety. Others shared that sometimes loading of charts is irritating as it takes long on web or mobile app. Also, market watch issues at times. Zerodha Kite login problem is seen now and then during market hours.

Order Types in Kite at Zerodha | Short review:

The order types available in Zerodha Kite are Market Order, Limit Order, SL (Stoploss or trigger order).

Short technical display of Zerodha Kite3.0

  • You may find cover orders with limit entry.

  • Bracket orders with SL entry.

  • One can pace direct order market depth report.

  • Now one can exit or cancel many orders from order window.

  • Multiple Chart view is facilitated.

Is application of IPOs is possible through the dispensed Kite by Zerodha?

Zerodha Kite doesn’t support IPO application through it. The customers can apply for IPO by going to its online banking portal. That has their account linked with.

Trade through Zerodha Kite using shortcut keys:

Yes, one may utilize kite at Zerodha easily with its easy shortcut keys. Kite Web provides a list of shortcuts which can be used to take actions or navigate through kite application quickly. The shortcuts are very convenient and useful feature of Kite software. Here is the list of shortcuts offered by Kite.

zerodha kite shortcut keys

Edit ProfileJ
Cycle Through Instrumentarrow up / arrow down
Buy InstrumentB
Sell InstrumentS
Open Market DepthD
Open ChartC
Delete Instrumentdelete
Switch Marketctrl+shift+ 1to5
Buy Opened Chart InstrumentB
Toggle Quick Trade Drawerctrl+shift+Z
Sell Opened ChartS

Leverage offered by Zerodha kite

You can see the leverage offered on the Zerodha kite here that is as per the standard Zerodha policy:

  • Equity Intraday margin – 5 to 20 times exposure or leverage for stocks on which F&O trading is allowed.

  • Options – Zerodha doesn’t offer any margin for buying Options.

  • Margin in Equity & Index Futures – 40% of NRML (Normal) margin

  • Commodity Futures – 50% of NRML margin

  • Currency Futures – 50% of NRML margin

Final words on Zerodha Kite:

Although some traders may find Kite Zerodha 3.0 as the good trading platform still one can not say it works perfectly. As traders face some trading trouble now and then with Zerodha Kite, we can not call it as perfect one for trading. The HTML 5 based trading software allows MCX commodity segment trading that facilitates Kite Zerodha login in commodities too. Some in built features are fine. Still you can compare it to the other decent trading platforms available in the market. The main purpose of this Zerodha Kite review is to boost right choice of trading tool. So pick the one carefully.

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